Thursday, January 10, 2019

Who are your frenemies ?

It's so random but last night I had a rather important epiphany. It just occurred to me that all those women... remember how I said I LOATHE women who read erotic novels? Like how there is just this jacked up guy on the cover or some girl in a gown, like they're SO FORMULAIC that they might as well all be the same book. I never read one but I have to judge by the cover & judging by the cover they're basically the same, sad & devoid of substance.

But last night it occurred to me- these women and I have one thing in common- we demand hot guys. No listen. Listen. It's more profound than that - it's open, mass rebellion on society's double standard. If you read hentai like I do (not much, because->), you'll notice there's always these ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS old men or MONSTERS/GOBLINS (WTF!!!) fucking absolutely beautiful women. And it's the same in all the cultures. They continually feature ABSOLUTELY GROSS or PLAIN BORING men in films and pair them with drop dead gorgeous girls. That is absolutely REPULSIVE. It never occurred to me to connect the dots- these women are simply fulfilling their own desire- like me making at least 6 robots in the future. We're on the same page !

I don't care how lame the books are - these women wouldn't find my fantasy all that thrilling either, probably - but the point is we're actually allies rather than enemies. No, why should women put up with this double standard? Fuck. That. Put hot guys on your cover. At least you're reading something. I wouldn't even be doing much talking when I have them toys, I'll just fuck a ton. We're incredibly on the same page. I can no longer stomach any movie or show with a fugly guy as the main character, even if it's a documentary. I don't know if it's the case for these gals, but good for them. No seriously, good for them. My attitude on this has shifted 180° . 

Society will prolly never drop the standard for women- and that's OK. I think fashion & beauty is an important part of human evolution and culture. But starting now, we as women must demand the same from men. Beautiful women settling for HIDEOUS men WILL NO LONGER be the norm. No. NO. NO.

I feel so great about this. These women are not taking any of it. They're creating their own worlds where the guys are hot and say and do the right things. They live their fantasies. Good for them .  I am honestly proud of them. I feel so foolish for not seeing this before. Something clouded my judgment. No it's not literature, silly! These books are TOYS!

On the other hand I do keep wondering how above average looking guys feel when they see in porn and hentai these ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS men fucking beautiful women? It has always confounded me. I mean, I don't think I have ever seen a girl < 6/10 in porno. Well there are some gross ones but those are rare ( & for fetishists) & I don't ever click on those. But if we flip the world upside down and all I'm seeing is some ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS girls fucking hot studs, I'd feel a little weird to say the least. I mean, I couldn't really get off to that. I don't think girls in general can get off to things far beneath them. But somehow guys can? Like even hot guys jerk off but I'm wondering when they see that DISGUSTING old man plowing that pretty young thing, aren't they a little bit turned off by that? Surely they don't fantasize BEING that old man but like this HIDEOUS creature is on your screen & - it's just so confusing .

If a healthy, strong lion sees a sick, limp lion fucking a ...  - It just don't make no sense .

Stressful day? Not really. It should've been.

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