Monday, January 14, 2019

M o n d a y

Some things you have to troubleshoot -

I'm not supposed to put things on standby .

Diary .

Why is it that I always forget to use perfume when I go to the zoo ?  It's a nice zoo and all, but I feel sorry for all the animals in there. But they have to be in there for people to  see them. The giant anteaters are giant, and the two of them are just pacing back and forth in this little room not that much bigger than themselves. But it's the lonely rhino that breaks my heart. There is something stuck in its skin in the hinds, I don't know if it's a scab or anything, but it's just sad to watch - it was also sniffing its own shit. They might do it in nature, too but I don't know. And there is one elephant that looked like it might've developed dementia . 

We are like this to an external observer. I want to be accurate, I want to be right. I know I am a fool, but there is a chance I can still be a wise fool . 

To hell and back again - not a Bilbo Baggins story . 

It seems complacent because it was written for peasants by an Englishman who resisted change .

I, however, am not that.

I'd like to see the End .  The Glorious End .

People won't believe -

Who knew culture is consumable ?  - as in, the more you eat, the less there is ?

It is true, however, of the experience .

It's not my heart wanting The End; it's reality .

​BTW- Good luck trying to go to Yves Delorme today - on time .

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