Friday, January 18, 2019

I Cried For No Reason

I watched Malena today and I cried for no reason. Now I only do this once or twice a year prolly to "clear the pipes", so I'm not hysterical. I think in order to invoke the emotions the films is supposed to inspire, I had to think of completely different things to get those tears. It's strange. I get the film in every angle - it's a great film, of course, I understand everything. But simultaneously a part of my head was somewhere else concocting a fantasy that has nothing to do with the film or what it represents, to get me crying. I can't explain it.

I genuinely felt for the characters. This is a movie of normal standard to me, but looking at it today, to be fair, it's a masterpiece. BTW, I've made major inroads with the Arab shop. They went from overcharging me to getting acquainted with me and now giving me free samples of my favorites. Not the usual routine but OK. I really like baklava, so. But I remember asking myself yesterday: if I have to choose between macarons and cannoli, h'which would I pick? I can't decide. Macaron is airy and comes in various flavors, and cannoli is just good old cannoli. "Why do I have to choose?" - but if I have to choose.

Eggs have also made my life wonderful. It's a new year, let's not mention the old fear. I'm getting all my eggs from Ous de Calaf this year so it won't be a problem. I'll get most fresh produce in boq, too. I still don't know how to whisk eggs- I feel like no bowl is big enough & I will always spill it. I'm too clumsy. But I like my French scrambled eggs. Add enough butter in them - that's it.

And for some reason I don't feel cold anymore.

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