Tuesday, January 15, 2019

a spoonful of Milk

I did go in time, but they don't have it. You're right, they would've called. They texted me today and I'll go again later this week,  I guess. My feet are fucked beyond reckoning, so.

I was slightly surprised the lady in the shop didn't speak a lick of French. No no, I don't mean since it's a proper French shop, I mean since she's Catalan. Do you think Catalans should have an easy time traveling in France and Italy? Yeah. Also I noticed there are a lot of nice Basque restaurants in town, and I began to wonder what's it like for them to come down here and operate their business, not just for the tax scheme up there but I suppose- I suppose they're incredibly open-minded people.

I also got every variety of Knorr creme I can find, and so the long taste test for the next 20 days begins. Vegetables are very difficult and unexciting. I am healthy, Diary - relatively healthy. OK, healthier than 20% of times. I can't fathom eating vegetables in winter even it's warm inside as anything other than hot soup or caramelized onions. I could never get into eating salads. Food is so much trouble, yet I need to stay... relatively healthy.

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