Friday, December 28, 2018


Is it true that our identity forms when we're very little, and it's never going to change ?  At least I think that is the case for me .  After all these experiences I'm still coming back to the same old things that make me comfortable and feel at home.

I watched Bandersnatch by the way - it's trash - it got cute at one point but it's still trash, and I've gotten tired of down-voting shows to no effect, so I'm going to cancel probably before the trial ends. These are B rated movies, right? And shows? They're all so trash. There are like 10 sets in total in each of them, and the characters are... I can't even call that acting. It's too sad .  I can't .

It's all so cheap and shallow. I can't. I don't know how people can stomach things that are so trite. What's worse is I HAVE things that are better yet I'm still checking it out. Nothing can diminish my faith in humanity.  I wish I have some other tangible things to believe in, because I'd really love to ditch all human beings and believe in something new. There isn't.

I ate all the profiteroles today - if that's any concern . I picked out some books for this collection .  It's still freezing in here . I'm reminiscing because all the new things in the past few weeks are inferior to old in one way.


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