Saturday, December 8, 2018

Nightmare last night

IN this infinite maze, haunted house populated with all sorts of monsters . . .  the escape was on a loop and I was getting out of breath  . 

I got a clue that if I go behind that door and turn twice there is like a smaller space in there which looked totally normal - a window to the normal life outside of this crazy world . I gotta solve a problem and say . . . respond to this radio "one and a half" and go hide under the bed in another room - and time will pass, like 12,000 years while the monsters would get eradicated. I did that. A man came in and said they developed chemical weapons against them .  So it's after 12,000 years.

I was truly terrified in that house. The monsters were . . . 


I don't know why I get nightmares all night every night when all I want to do is to get some rest .

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