Monday, December 10, 2018

New Ways To Play Old Games

I have found yet another way to play an old game. I just can't put up with soulless new games anymore, God. I know I just talked about it the other day but damn, I need games in my life. It's supposed to be this wonderful, self contained world full of imagination and truly mind-opening designs and not washed up old tricks  . . .

Side note, I want to get it out of the way. You know how people don't find models funny yet they themselves find themselves funny because they make funny faces? The truth behind this is models and people who are told they're gorgeous all their life worry if they're too beautiful for the masses, to the point that it creates a distance. They think because their looks stand out so much it's going to make them look standoffish, even intimidating. I'm not mocking this at all, it's very normal. It's like when a smart person wants to mingle with his dumb friends, he wouldn't use the same topics when he's with all his smart friends. When he's hanging out with the masses he'd be like "sup, sup did you watch the game last night" "dude that's great" or stuff like that. So it's not unfounded and I'm not mocking them.

But the thing is, right, that's not "funny". You making silly faces does not equal to a stand up comedian doing his bit. There is no way that's "funny". Your intention is actually transparent, at least to me. Point 1.

Point 2, which is more important, is they think too highly of themselves. People all have their own aesthetics and not all people are going to love one appearance, and frankly, no human in the history of the world is that drop dead gorgeous. People sensationalize when they give compliment, I thought they know that. They're not that gorgeous.  So there is no need to fuss over it. No one is going to find your beauty intimidating.

( Right after I typed this post I recalled all those times the stereotypical "nerds" or whatever claimed they do get intimidated by attractive people. Hey it's not like they're your core audience, right ? I don't know, whatever. I don't bother with the pointless working of that kind of psychology . )

And when God & your parents give you good looks - Point 3 - you should do your best to present it. You shouldn't be undermining your own image, sticking a retarded dog face or tongue-out filter on your photo or some other dumb shit. All I see is insecurities. You shouldn't be ruining your own image - that just shows how little you know of its value. Imagine ruining your biggest asset. Imagine a smart person saying dumb shit all day to make himself look more approachable. Imagine a shop owner putting graffiti all over his shop to attract edgy teens. 

You know how people say empathetic people are really caring ?  H'well, there are exceptions to that  .  I know I am extremely empathetic. When I see people do stupid shit, my first instinct is to actually understand them. Here I have demonstrated that I understand the psychology of the self deprecating models in a neutral context. If I am a caring person I'd stop right there and appreciate their good intentions, having realized that these models are not stuck up but rather considerate of others, maybe even think highly of these human human beings  .  Yet I'm not like that . Understanding where someone is coming from never stopped me from loathing them .

I don't really judge people solely by action or intention, Diary. It's not clear cut like that. I just know I resent all sorts of people. Imagine if you didn't understand all this. Then you can wonder "I don't know why but I just find it irritating" and move on. It's because I understand the innocuous motives behind really dumb acts that witnessing them is so insufferable. I really can't .

There is very little evil left in the world. I guarantee most conflicts we have today all have some sorts of misunderstanding and probable cause behind them. And, you know h'what, stupidity can't be fight like evil. When you see evil, you know exactly what to do and you can quickly unite people to fight it. But when it's mixed gray area, like strict copyright laws where you have both corporate interests & indie rights holders who are prolly as plain as yourself on the same side, it's not so cut and dried.

I feel pretty stupid myself for not knowing how to fight stupidity ( on a scale ) . Bill Gates is still fighting world hunger. We're not there yet - we will never be there. Every time I remember how Elon Musk talks about living on Mars I want to puke. For a long time I have felt that humanity has become irredeemable for me .  I can't think of a single living soul I want to connect with .  People possess no quality I desire and quite on the contrary, they're ridden with modern diseases .

No matter what, I will cede that like pigs, people deserve to find happiness regardless of what place or time they're living in .   I understand that .

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