Thursday, December 27, 2018

Netflix Originals are just YouTube videos w/ better production value

Except black mirror. I had to join it when I realized seeds ain't going to be available for this show no more. It really annoys me how fast Netflix churns out these plain, pointless (even if they make the "point" painfully obvious) ARTLESS shit shows just exploiting various niches and topics. Netflix Originals are just better YouTube videos with higher production value. I know they're doing their best (the directors and actors and stuff - staff) and they're given only minimal budget, but hey, this is bullshit.

All this crap is honestly all so soulless. I wish they'd keep the budget on a few series that's actually original like Black Mirror, but they won't. Butter spread over too much bread - am I right ?  I know it too well . I've learned my lesson, too .   They haven't . That's fine .

Well I guess this means I can relieve my hard drive of much bloated storage. I've really grown to loathe anime, btw. I've not thought about Golden Wind since I last talked about it and now I know I won't even bother with it anymore. Try and find something that's worth my time.

It's so sad.

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