Monday, December 3, 2018

King's Creamer

Who knew there is an actual figurine inside of it ? Who would've thunk ?

Everything Sways me 

 I 'd think it is a good thing I'm open-minded, but it's paradoxical like that  -  should I always be open-minded ? What does that mean ?

 Today I realized I'm old - because it did not occur to me that someone younger than me was out there .  But they were - they are . To keep yourself always open-minded, does that in a sort of way means admitting defeat ? Yes, life is a long process . Yes, even I have to think about finding someone who can be a successor to me .  But it's so hard in admitting that there is no "self" - no real self, and we're all here to serve an abstract purpose .  You'll be much more comfortable if you disagree .

When was I ever comfortable, Diary .

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