Saturday, December 8, 2018

how bored and lonely people are

Not just movies like Venom, there are so many phenomena and behaviors that can be explained with just people being bored and lonely. So much of the economy is circulating around this topic... theme... lifestyle. If this is the biggest problem of the century, fine. There is no sympathy from me. It makes looking backward so much simpler because I'm not missing out on anything.

The Lisianthus lasted 20 days btw. H'why didn't I tell you. I don't know.

There are new things that aren't disappointing. Devil May Cry 5 , probably. I've given up on Civ. I don't care about the DLCs and I probably won't care about Civ 7 .  I haven't started hoi4 and I haven't bothered with EUIV either .  I haven't played much game at all this year to be honest. DMC5 may very well become the only game I play in 2019 - which is fine .

I can't deal with people making a big deal out of half a percentage point. We've come pretty far to reach this level of stabilization, but to me it seems like stagnation, and I just can't.

I can't take NY Times seriously anymore after seeing the whole week of Thanksgiving the top article on the chart was about weight loss. It's so transparent. You can tell what their audience is, it's graphic. Plenty of shit went down that week and all they care about is how to lose weight. I mean, you know... just the demographics. Then again I do see it makes a good point from time to time. That thing just really puts me off though.

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