Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A knight will steal from you .

You'll never know . 

A town with 10 residents - what does that look like ?  There are hundreds, no no, thousands, no - tens of thousands towns seeing their population diminished over the last century . People had good reason to abandon them, of course.  Yet there are still not enough connected places to migrate to. The places that should be connected aren't, which is why you're seeing so many highway / rail projects right now .  Why are basic infrastructure so late in places it shouldn't be? I don't know . If you are the sun and your miles are your rays, I mean . . . you're still limited at the end of the day . What communities have people built ?  Why are they so generic and bland ? 

A knight stole from me, and so I was a bit disillusioned .  A knight will steal from me again if I give them the chance, which I won't. The role-players no longer stand for the values associated with their role, that's the problem. But how do you disassociate them mentally without learning a hard lesson first ? That's also a problem .

Adjust my expectation. Of course. Not everything is entertainment, mind you. Then what is it? It becomes trite real quick. It was roleplaying then & it is roleplaying now, but it feels like they suck at it now. People lack professionalism. I suppose it's not all bad when you have unlikely characters doing noble things, but hey, they're too few.

There is not enough subtlety or layers in anything anymore. People forget that ambiguity can be beautiful sometimes. Do they even know what they're chasing now?

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