Saturday, November 10, 2018

I'm not a d e t e c t i v e -

I know, and I don't take detective stories seriously - you can't take those seriously - but I wish I was more intuitive .

I wish I can tell what people do just by picking up little clues around them. And I wish I can figure out everything around me. I mean, the shop situation. What does it mean? I've been paying more attention since I had my suspicion, and I found out it had all sorts of people coming and going throughout the day and even at night. Some are just guys in street-wear, some are blue-collar types in work outfits and some are rather well dressed. Some of them don't look local. Why would they go to this sketchy place? What do they have in common ?  I began to suspect it's a drug dealing site. People go in and come out without any noticeable change about them. Recreational drugs ?

But then one night several guys pulled up a van that blocked the way and they started all sorts of work on the lock. I'm talking about drilling and all sorts of work that make sparks fly and require a mask. Then police came to check up on them. A dog walker reported it, I guess. The police went into the shop for a while and came out. No one got arrested and the guys kept working this whole time. And the next day a construction company came and sealed up the entrance with cement ? ? ?


The shop is no more. Where the door used to be, there is a concrete WALL now. What, the, fuck ?  I fee l like I've seen too much- no I've seen ENOUGH, definitely, to know what's going on, and I feel SO STUPID that I don't.

Now, I don't think Barcelona has the most wonderful, smart city planning like many suggest, the inner courtyard thing is fucked up in my opinion. But for whatever it's worth, I'm pretty sure the space is accessible from within the block. So maybe someone bought the space and just wants to close it to the public, and now they use it for storage or something and they have a private entrance from the courtyard. Yet also - could it be a police order? Like if they found something fucked up inside ?  I saw the uniform of people who built the wall and it belonged to a legitimate construction company. So. I don't know. Maybe it's normal - for people who own the space but do not want to open up shop. It's just weird to me that they first painted the shop window black, then locked and sealed it, and now built a wall outside of the roller shutter to completely conceal it.

I honestly feel so dumb right now. Why ?  Why ?  W H Y  ? 

I can't I -

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