Friday, November 2, 2018

I am annoyed w/ a number of things .

First of all, a giant black bug / moth scared me last night. I was going to catch up on some reading in bed and it fucking flew toward the light into the wall, and I haven't seen it since. Anything is better than a cockroach, please.

What's worse than a possible cockroach is I finally sorted the LinkedIn situation. I re-registered the domain, configured the mailbox to get back to my account - only since their big update they don't ask for the re-verification no more, but what annoys me is after at least a year of hiatus, there is so little activity on there.

It's not like this hasn't occurred to me .  I'm just annoyed . I don't need the platform but it just annoys me a whole bunch .   I really began questioning some of my early choices. There is no going back so I really shouldn't dwell on it, but I can't help but wonder if I had picked the wrong school . The one way to reduce my annoyance and disappointment is to look forward, I know that.

The realization is I went to school with actual nerds.

To be clear, nerds are not problem solvers. From generals to plumbers, people of all walks of life can be problem-solvers. Nerds are, and the reason that they're hated, is that they're actually short sighted and narrow minded. When a smart person is like that, it's annoying to no end. For example, Sherlock Holmes isn't a nerd, but Sherlock Holmes fans are nerds. They'd waste time remembering and picking faults with minuscule fictitious details. Nerds cannot actually innovate anything and they have no ambition. I went to school with them. How sad.

But I looked at alumni from other schools and it looks like similar stories across the board. As of early 2010s, I'd say it's still a safe bet to go to an actual school, but now, unless you already know who you're going to fraternize with ( which is kind of boring ) , going to college is actually dumb. The value of a college, so singular and contained, cannot rival the ocean of information and infrastructure floating out there. Of course, as an authoritative institution it still has its footing in academia, but I don't see any college being able to adapt to the new order of things.

I am so sad Aaron Swartz died .  It's strange how I randomly think of his death and by connection Kim Dotcom etc.

The people who dress up as saints are no longer saints.

What a mess . That's it for now .

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