Friday, October 19, 2018

YT Reflection

I can't believe I lost the draft. It's OK. Forces me to get lean.

To recap, I watched shane dawson's jake paul series with AdBlock, I subscribed to his channel solely for notification and unsubscribed immediately after the last part came out. This is what I get :

1. shane dawson is running this kind of internet celeb custom PR service. He gets good press for controversial figures and befriends them for benefits down the road and reaps a bunch of views, it's just business. The senseless stretching of absolutely no content is unholy, however, and the blatant lies about working hard (which some people will regurgitate even in front of evidence of one inferior video after another) is an insult to anyone who's actually worked hard a day in their life.

2. The whole sociopath angle is hilariously pointless, but was crucial for me to discover the Better Help Scam arc. The Scam is infinitely more important than the series which is essentially useless and harmless. It exposes (other than the scam itself) who YouTube's core userbase is: the YouTubers' main purpose is to sell low quality POD "merch" or other white label products, push referral codes and affiliate links, beg for donation and now they'll lie about anything to scam, and their audience will gobble it up because they're so bored and poor (ironically making the Youtubers' success) and their standard for entertainment is so low. This climate affects at least 60 million people.

3. I get this weird vibe that shane dawson wants jake paul to throw his family under the bus. Not that I have a moral stance on this thing since people have been doing it since caveman days & it'll continue forever, but as this girl alissa violet told her story and talked about her thought process, all I could think of was how the brothers would laugh it off about how they fucked the same silly girl some time ago. In a traditional society, a man fucking a woman is taking and a woman getting fucked by a man is giving. Alissa is not getting any revenge by giving herself twice to both brothers. And just like jake paul would save his relationship with his brother rather than a non-girlfriend, he is obviously not going to throw his family under the bus in this interview. The kid tried so hard to hold back, evading all those 'but if you want to (throw them under the bus)... it's ok' and he did ( for good reason). That's why we get nothing.

That's all. I don't consider it a waste of time even though I have to mentally prepare myself for the boredom and insipidness before watching each video and cope with the loss of time afterward, because I have learned about the Better Help Scam and got to understand the platform better.

 b t w

That Kati Morton alone explains why there is no such thing as actual therapy. She looks cold, ignorant yet entitled and completely untrustworthy. All therapy is is to force you to solve your own problems while the therapist keeps a record of it and makes money off of your misery. All therapists are sadists, completely opposite of sympathy. There really doesn't need to be more explanation. It's just a Scam whether in person or online as much as Better Help.

Really, that's it.

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