Friday, October 26, 2018

Trust issue

Diary, how much do you want to share with the world ?  Well, I've shared so much with you . . .

You're getting on whoever's car, having whoever deliver your stuff, having whoever cook your food. Now they're talking about brain interface. I don't think merging our thoughts is the way to get super-intelligence. First of all, you can't merge opposite views. You can't merge "I love Y" and "I hate Y". The futurists haven't thought this one through. I know how they think. They haven't figured out step one of thought-merging, which you don't need high tech to run tests for; you just need to observe two people talk .  It's a dangerous and stupid step, this. Humans need clear guidance.

Yes, I'd be very happy to relegate most of the human tasks to AI- AI-enabled objects and procedures, absolutely. I don't believe in collective intellect. I just don't.

And I know, we're sacrificing less and less of our herd in exchange for progress. Maybe 0.1% uber drivers will want to kidnap you, and it'll be 0.01% in the future. Maybe self driving car will be 1000x safer than humans driving. As outrageous as it sounds, I don't think that is the point .  I've said that the way to measure an adult's success is their ability to fulfill their fantasy, but I'm beginning to wonder if the quality of our fantasies has gone down . It definitely has if you take what you heard for granted. As for myself, I know clearly so .  Conquering the galaxy will mean nothing if we're just going to build the same civilization that we have now , even based on the same principles .  Sure, we can live on Mars. Can we have a better civilization on Mars ?  I don't think so.  So what if we live on Mars ?   It doesn't really matter . 

I maintain that humans have peaked. Every day I challenged myself on this view, and at the end of every day my conclusion is validated.  I believe what humans want, what humans are capable of and what humans ought to do are very different things, and it's sad that these have been used interchangeably for so long .

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