Tuesday, October 9, 2018

On the other hand

I don't have those MMPI 2 files now. I know you shouldn't self-diagnose, but I swear I can do better than so many of the so called "professionals" with that handbook. I'll tell you why all shrinks are sham later. I'd just really like to see how I'm faring now compared to the last time I took it in 2016... 2014? 2013? Definitely within 5 years.

Anyway. The last time I went through the process and chronicled about it here, I scored pretty high in persecutory fantasy and schizophrenia, so if that's that, I have nothing to worry about. I know for a fact I don't have persecutory fantasy about the things I'm actually sacrificing, but having to keep it a secret and all may have exacerbated my stress and I have probably developed actual persecutory fantasy about other stuff as a result . I know the difference .

But I'm still going to buy a pocket knife though. I've relegated stuff like this so much to Google that I just searched "weapon shop". No I don't want a gun. I fucking hate guns. Their looks, the way they work, everything about them. ( Note : this doesn't contradict the statement I made a couple days earlier; I did use Guns & Ammo to help myself sleep in college. ) Nukes or knives - all the way. Where the fuck do I even go to buy a Swiss army knife?

It's sold on ECL website l o l


OK wait W T F

You wanna tell me why they sell Winchester semiautomatic rifles on that website too ? ! ? !

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