Tuesday, October 9, 2018

K i d n a p p i n g D r e a m

The weather report had been lying for 3 days as it said it's going to rain for 3 days straight and I didn't see a single drop, but tonight when it said the probability is 90-100%, it had to deliver. What's better than taking a very hot bath while it's raining outside? Just gorgeous. Wish I could hear some thunders soon.

Who knew in just 5 - less than 6 hours of sleep, one could have two kidnapping dreams back to back? I had a remarkable dream the other day, too that I've ironically forgotten- but let me tell you now.

The first dream occurred in this absolutely dark coal town. It reeks of heavy industry and the factories are tall and immense, and more importantly than anything the toxic smoke covered the sky and every building is black because it's covered in tar and coal. Now. This is supposed to be Milan ? ! Or the other city. I just got off the plane there and I needed to go to Milan, or the other way around. Now this scene was immediately unnerving, and it seemed there were only these large silver buses that ferried people around. I joined a bunch of people to wait in line and they were very loud and obnoxious, which drove me to make the mistake of leaving them. I walked around the very dark, very dangerous and very industrial-looking town and when I came back, all the buses and people were gone. All the people who needed to leave like myself have boarded the buses and left, and no more buses will come. All that is left in this town are locals now. Fear started swallowing me as I ran around the town over and over again in circles and saw these shadowy locals lurking about. Even children playing football looked so ominous to me. I encountered this gang member in black suit in this alley and I knew I had to get past him to find a way out, but he stopped me and asked for a sum of money that's a currency of the town which equaled to $3000. I thought it was absurd and no one has that much cash on them so I turned and ran away, but I encountered another gang member in the other way, and they kidnapped me.

That's where the first dream ends.

Soon I was thrown into this other scenario where I apparently was still being hunted but blended in with these middle school children (so I guess I was about that age, too) on a field trip. I made friends with a girl and told her what's going on. The school bus stopped at one point and all the students poured out, taking a break or whatever. Me and my friend used the restroom on the side of the road and went back on the bus and exchanged a few words with the bus driver, and the bus started moving again. In an hour or two while we were on the road I suddenly realized we were not going the right way, and the bus driver smiled... smirked and said, "haven't you noticed that this bus is empty?" I looked around and indeed there were only me and my friend in there! The kidnappers have sent an identical bus that drove away as soon as I boarded and I haven't noticed anything. I immediately panicked. And then the bus turned into an ordinary car- light bluish like one of those cars in the 70s that you can always find by the beach. I sat next to the driver and I realized he was not one of the kidnappers but someone hired for the transport. I asked how much he's getting paid and he said 510-520 per mile, and I said I will pay him 25% more if he let me go. I had an inkling that the kidnappers wanted to kill me. They must want me dead. Because the inheritance I got in the beginning of the dream (this whole time I thought the kidnappers were going after my inheritance from grandma) was $17,884 while they were willing to pay the driver so much more. I had to make him believe I can top that. Anyway, in the end he asked if I wanted to live with him for 30 days, and I firmly said no. And even in my dream I was conscious about what's going to happen, so I literally ended it. I started waking myself up from the dream at that point knowing it wouldn't have a happy ending.

It's so strange. The first thing I decided when it's over was I need to carry a knife with me at all time from now on. At least a Swiss army knife set. I don't want something like this to happen only to remember that I had this dream and wrote about it in my diary. You don't think this is going to happen the next time I go out to explore, right? Do you?

It made me think. My first mode of protection has always been to not establish connection with people in the first place, but if a situation is really sprung up on me, I don't know if I can handle it. Can I really escape from a kidnapper? - I don't know. Why did I have these dreams?

Why would anyone kidnap me ?

I don't want you to say "it's just a dream"  -  because when I remember everything so vividly I . . .

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