Sunday, October 7, 2018


Fall-colored setup looking good. ( Corona beer is not too bad . )

Finally watched EP1 of JoJo Golden Wind today. I hear it's a long one so I should wait till when it's over. Naples eh?

Never noticed it before but now I cannot unsee the strange complex, that in these anime and manga there are always these blonde blue/green-eyed characters who are half Japanese, even though in reality that probability is next to nil. A half Asian-White will always turn out to look more Asian since the blonde hair and blue/green eyes are recessive phenotypes. The Japanese reject that idea. It has nothing to do with the fact that anime and manga can have characters with all sorts of crazy colored hair. It's the fact that those characters are 100% Japanese, behaving like Japanese and subscribe to Japanese ideologies and the only thing different is how they look. It's a typical East vs West thing. I've learned about it last year in an interesting journey starting from /r/hapas to the whole side... sub culture of mixed race people. Reality is more interesting than fiction a lot of times.

I really want to unsub most of the yt channels, but how else am I going to find out a thing such as "Tik Tok" even exist? Am I required to know every single app that has a big market share? I mean, it's segregation, right? I don't ever need to advertise anything on there much less interact with those people, so does it have anything to do with me? No. I'm fine not knowing about it.

And yeah I will talk to you about the documentary phenom and the scams it unfolds once it's done. I'm never going to shy away from the fact that I watch trendy stuff. I wonder what is the cut off point though, like at what point do people start watching it because so many others have already watched it? I'd say 5-6 million views. Not a lot. It's incredible .

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