Friday, October 12, 2018

Cringe & Focus

I had a funny dream last night man. It makes no sense so I'm not telling it.

But I'm reminded of my own cringy experience in Poland ( a g a i n ) . I did a lot of cringe stuff in Poland . . .

The other day it occurred to me, I have 70 hours / week to work on stuff that truly matters . Not one hour more. The rest is all devoted to consumption. "Enjoying life". So to speak. So, that's clear.

I'm a human being.  So it all makes sense.

7-8 hours for sleep. Still 6-7 hours left. That's a lot. 1 hour for showers. 1-2 for food. Still 4 or more hours left. That's a lot, for real. I gotta be more selective about how I spend that time man. I really wasn't selective at all prior to this point. I've said this all my life but I keep falling back on the same habits. I can't do that no more. I can't let kids con me, are you fucking kidding me?

YouTube & reddit? Any internet personality or drama at all ? Come on. Please. I feel stupid. I don't have to view things from their angle no more since I'm constantly reminded that they're fucking retarded. Worst of all, I'm part of the problem since I'm contributing to giving them attention. I can see from my adult point of view that these kids will regret what they do and say in less than a year. What the fuck. I guess I've truly grown up now. I don't even want a shred- a single trace of that kiddie shit in my life.

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