Friday, October 19, 2018

Cheer up a lil

The weather has been great and by that I mean raining. It's been raining every other day and I'm so grateful .

​The raining sound is so soothing and the thunders are so arousing. I could listen to this for hours . . .  no , Days . . .

​And it's the perfect temperature indoors. It's warm just because of my presence. And that coolness whenever I open the window . .

Tonight may have been the best night.

I want autumn to last forever, Diary, but it can't always be autumn. Trees must grow leaves first, the budding, the greening, the lushness, then the brief fall, and falling - until they're all gone, and again. Autumn is such a brief period of time. It's so beautiful, yet so short. It's almost unbearably short. You can always find a place that's always hot or always cold, but you can never find a place that's always in autumn. Yet something so short, autumn is my season .

I . .

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