Sunday, October 7, 2018

A Circle So Small That No One -

A Circle so small that no one can afford discrimination. What it means, if I find another one of its kind, even if it's a disabled bisexual 8/8 parts of different ethnicities with questionable morals and weird kinkz, like even if he or she fucks goats and gives blow job to cats and dogs, and has a criminal record and is generally a nefarious person, I shall be over the moon. That's how small the Circle is. I know in reality they're much more normal like myself.

My only kink is I only want to fuck fictional characters. How bad do you feel when you know the guys you want to fuck don't exist until you make them ? All responsibility falls on me . Give it time. I swear to God I will make them in Italy. Until then I must refrain from hentai and porn. Refrain a little.

Anyway. Another reason for detachment: most problems most people have don't apply to people in this Circle. Of course I still experience some of them, because of my distrust in people, but is it really? Is it not because I lack common sense sometimes ? It's necessary to hold the distrust in people, but I lack common sense. I don't know if that has to do with age. It has to do with a lot of stuff, but I ought to do better at this point.

Did you watch the latest JoJo episode? I mean the 1st episode of the latest season? I haven't, no. I need to fuck Jotaro very badly. It's frustrating.

The trend I've observed from hentai these years is also very frustrating. I don't think it'll be hard for me to not watch hentai for a few months. In the early 2000s there were plenty cool hentai with good looking guys, though one giveaway of Japanese western themed fantasy is the boring ass big shoulder plates, and that's annoying. I find myself to put up less and less with how they incorrectly portray other cultures in other times and how consistently they use the same portrayals over the years. But now. Now is way worse. Now there are a fuckton of companies specialized in making GROSS MIDDLE AGED men fucking cute girls (as usual). It's a main difference I've observed from men vs women. Women wouldn't want to watch porn where an ugly chick fucks a hot guy, even though by definition half of women are below average. No. Women always hold their appearance to a higher standard. They'd even go so far as to put on make up and have plastic surgery. Men on the other hand, need people to accept them as who they are. So if the teens who loved hentai have become FUCKING GROSS LOSERS now, they'd still want to see themselves featured in their fantasy. They wouldn't hold themselves to a higher ideal. A lot of men don't give a fuck about how they look. It's sad. I thought I hated the generic anime protagonist look, you know, short hair & white shirt, all that, I was wrong. The variety of out of shape men totally turns me off more than anything. There is only one hentai I've found so far that is relatively recent that features a decent-looking guy: the Rance series.

I'm very disappointed. The Japanese society has put out all sorts of propaganda pressuring poor young women into marrying GROSS men. They try to make it look like a norm that a cute or capable woman should be with a FUCKED UP WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT. I don't think women are buying it. We ARE more sensitive to aesthetics, after all. I bet anything that even though I haven't seen ANY SIGNAL out there, there must be more women who are planning to make intelligent sex robots to satisfy their needs. All these hentai is so GROSS. It's so unfair. Imagine, if you're a hideous guy, now you get to see yourself fucking a beautiful girl in hentai. But if you're a pretty girl, you're told all hot guys are gay or whatever. No, I know it's not true and I I know there are good looking guys in porn, they're just bad at it. It's so disappointing. And what do the good looking guys feel about all the out of shape men in hentai & porn? I never asked.

"What are men good for?" No I didn't ask that! You asked that! A lot of things, of course. Everything, even- everything except sex, that is.

It's so unfair.

I'm going to fuck Jotaro so hard (when I've made him in a few years) that he comes to life.

Also hentai doujinshi - I don't know much of the stuff that's out there these days so it doesn't matter to me, but since they often have better style than hentai, I can still enjoy them even if I don't know what it's about. Still, there are like only 10- less than 10- hentai artists I whose style I like. I really want to show them how it's done. Some day. Like, most colored teasers you see is just like sakimichan's fan art. Some sheer swimsuit with sweat or cum on it, leather/latex, etc. Very little movement and the girl fills the frame and just looks dumb, surprised (for whatever fucking reason) or climaxing with very little painted background or embellishment. It's just boring. It actually has to do with humanity. Erotic art is actually an actual art and it actually has to do with humanity. Consider Pin-ups. As much art as Rockwell and Frank Frazetta. These people don't know how to do hentai. I classify sexualizing game art like those with boob plate as hentai too btw.

But these people don't know how to do sexy. I'll show them. Once I'm in the mood & have the time. Never? Probably. I have to prioritize other things before that, even in hours of leisure. I've become genuinely interested in hardware in the engineering research process.

I'll say it again.

I'm going to fuck Jotaro so hard (when I've made him in a few years) that he comes to life.

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