Friday, September 21, 2018

Senegalese in loc

OK I can't get over it so I looked it up. So some of these people are illegal immigrants from Senegal who became street vendors. Apparently they've had some bad blood with the police, who actually tried to do something about them taking over the sidewalks but resorted to violence, which is probably why they don't want to touch them now anymore. And some of the Senegalese try to legitimize their business- making it an actual business- which I respect, but as for people who are still selling on the street, not just the street vendors with fake goods but also painters on ramblas and the souvenir shops in all of the major tourist spots- just because there are a million people passing by every day doesn't mean they're going to be paying customers. The people who want to visit Sagrada Familia and your clientele are probably very different - very little overlap to say the least. Traffic is not linearly correlated to profit.

The "painters" and souvenir shops, I don't want to say anymore because they're not really in danger. But what can illegal immigrants do to actually get their life on the right track- any right track? These people are here, these people are square, and they are selling fakes while enduring the heat on the square. As soon as I said that I realized they're probably very used to the heat. In Senegal. In North Africa. Anyway - point is they can live more meaningfully and contribute to the actual economy. It needs to happen.

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