Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Caustic Soda

The City of Barcelona has run out of caustic soda.

I could barely sleep last night. So this morning, this idiot ran to 3 different stores- the biggest hardware stores to get caustic soda, and nobody has them. I can fix everything. I want to fix everything.

In my panic I looked up Italy again, and it still seems to be in disarray. I don't know anymore, Diary.

Do you think that I will be better- that I can suffer this- if I was not in the city? Like if I was on the coast?

No. Don't be silly. Focus !

I fixed it. When I paused the post. The mixture reacted with the metal a bit but it's not clogged no more. I fixed the damn drain.

You probably think it's nothing. I will admit it's nothing. But when not 100% of basic things work in my life, I literally can't.

But don't think all this talk is resulted from a damn clogged drain. The last straw is gone but the hay, like the rolled up hay, what is it called, ok it's literally called a roll of hay, I don't know how that's going to fit on a camel's back but you know what I mean! The last straw is gone, but the roll of hay is still up there. Good day!

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