Thursday, September 27, 2018

Can't imagine what Julian Assange is going through

I was going to complain about something in my life today, but then it occurred to me, I can't imagine what Julian Assange is going through. Being held up there for so many years. It's not as usual as the "disappointment" and "aggravation" I constantly talk about. I think I'm pretty tough for putting up with people and enduring the constant disappointment and aggravation they give me, but this is on a whole different level.

Whenever I think of Julian Assange, I think of Kim Dotcom, and Aaron Swartz (RIP). I don't think of Snowden, cause you see, I don't feel for people who's definitely in a certain camp. No. Julian, Kim and Aaron are in nobody's camp. They stand for truth and justice. And though they're met by different levels of injustice, the three always occur in my head at the same time.

​It's all tragedy. People will force you to pick camps, and then punish you for not picking their camp, and you must pick existing camps. We already know truth alone isn't powerful enough. That's the despair.

When was truth alone enough ?

Do " m o s t  p e o p l e " care - as long as they have other ways to become happy?

Is it that you can only choose one - happiness or the truth ?

I mean, at one time.

Tuesday, I was happy. Wednesday, I found the truth.

What is solidarity, Diary? What is the best way to show solidarity? Not a march, that's for sure. It isn't something you have to do on purpose. If your values align and you're being truthful to yourself, you're already doing it all your life - all my life.

They say " b e  y o u r s e l f " . That's true. But not " just be happy". Or "to seek happiness".

 Once .

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