Monday, August 20, 2018

Weird, unsustainable logistic practices of El Corte Ingles

I must have placed over 100 orders on El Corte Ingles website (despite living 2 minutes away from the biggest one at PLC) and I have some say in this. They have the weirdest and most unsustainable logistic practices I have ever seen. The products are warehoused by different categories but they do not care to optimize the workflow at all. Each and every time they divide one purchase into several shipments that are not economical or efficient at all. There is no option for you to choose to "Group my shipments together" like Amazon. And even within the same category they might still divide it up not upon availability but some sort of error, it has to be. They would ship something that costs 1.99 alone and some others in the same category the next day. Well fuck ship them altogether will you? Nobody needs to receive a hairpin all by itself. It's absurd. And guess what, the small shipments often get LOST in the process. The transport agency, MRW in particular which is what they like to use for small packages- is notorious for this. MRW has got to be the worst transport agency I have ever seen. That combined with the malpractices in the ECI warehouse, you can expect to receive a simple order of let's say €100 consisting of 10 items in 6 packages arriving sporadically in the span of two months. What the actual fuck. What kind of practice is this.

Now that I've typed it out I see how asinine it is that I placed over 100 orders anyway, having suffered this the first time around. It's almost like I'm autistic, but I assure you I am not. Like I said, I simply don't like going out to shop. I don't have the patience or interest browsing different departments on six fucking floors and carrying tons of miscellaneous items while, you know, paying attention to the shuffling masses. In the end I think online shopping saves time. Oh yeah, I only shop at night anyway. It's an afterthought. I would never spend the golden hours between 6am - 10pm in a mall, are you fucking kidding?

But yeah, the logistic practices of El Corte Ingles are totally weird and unsustainable. I would say Amazon is on the other end of the spectrum. I have not bought anything on Amazon in a while, it's almost like you knew their workers were being abused. I mean, I had the gut feeling before any of the story broke out. When I looked at the shipping options I was just like "why are you in such a hurry to get this stuff to me? 1 day? I don't need it in 1 day, like 24 hours, damn it. Who are you abusing to get this done so fast?" Because we all know back in the day the answer wouldn't be technology. Even now. But maybe the future will be different. If it's actually all drones and robots I'll be happy, and I'll be demanding. But for now I just want something between the slow ass stupid ass El Corte Ingles and the abusive aggressive Amazon. Something sensible. Is that so hard? Why is that so hard?

You might think it's trifling matter - it is, but I bet it's also a multi billion dollar problem, literally, and if no one talks about it no one will know. When I think of the city I think of all the spaces that go wasted - to me - places that I won't go. You can't go into any of the dwellings, so those structures are only good to look at from the outside. On top of that, I wouldn't go into any restaurant without good company and I won't go into any of the stores because I do all my shopping online, that rules out over 90% of public space for me. The rest is sidewalk. I mean, think about it. Where can I go? What has our society devolved into? I mean, I have to live it to find out, you know? It's not too late to know city life isn't for me. I cherish this knowledge. Every day my conclusion gets substantiated. I want to tend my own garden more badly than ever. I want the vibe of a small town. I still haven't figured out the old people problem yet, but you know what, I'll just pretend they don't exist. As long as they're not in my face that should be easy. And let me tell you something, of all the places I've lived and visited, it's a ubiquitous epidemic problem lol. They're literally everywhere in every country. They're like human sized turtles. Well, no one is going to bother me. I can deal with that. It's only going to get worse in the future. Whatever.

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