Sunday, August 12, 2018

losing it

It is the first time that I find some people so unbearable in here. I'm not going to say the Spaniards because I'm not sure where they're from, especially in tourist season. But by God, those who talk loudly outside at 4:40 am... 4:40 AM!!!!! Diary!!!!!!! WHAT !  THE  !  FUCK ! 

I'm truly incensed this time. Shut the fuck up. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! FUCK OFF AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

You don't know how much willpower it takes me to not yell from my window. A, I'd break the non-silence myself. B, none of the neighbors seems to mind. I mean, even the old ladies. So. I should put up with it. C, I don't think telling them would help. The night I went out to get KFC I saw a lot of trashy people. They're the ones who are so inconsiderate, loitering about and talking loudly at night. And these CURSED skateboard kids. Oh my God. Those fucking skateboards on the street make the sound of chalk over blackboard. It's fucking crazy.

I mean, this would've been my reaction however many years ago. I would never mix with this vibe even if I was younger. These people are fine. This is their community, Diary. People go on cheap tours in Barcelona to experience this shit. It's me who's miscalculated. Therefore I alone should bear the burden.

What's so fun that you have to talk to your friend about at fuckin... 5 AM now. These people are loud 24 hours a day. I kid you not. 11AM through 8PM are the worst hours, but the rest is just as aggravating. I want to laugh, Diary. I did this to myself... I brought myself here.

No. I'm not going to change, Diary. Enjoy your punishment. I mean, thanks for sitting through my punishment with me.

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