Monday, August 20, 2018

I have to

I have to look at Calendar to remind myself that cold days have existed. I just need some rain to calm down. When it's late at night I pull my hair like this.

I finally begin to understand Classical music, Diary. It is as basic as it is important, and I can't believe it took this long. All understanding seems anti-intuitive on the surface, I see it now. Every piece finally has meaning of its own... it only happens to Classical music for now. I'm fine if it stays this way. I can't watch any movie that contains Classical from now. At least for a long time. Several pieces were already ruined this way. I must hear them in their purist form.

God bless. It opens my ears, it opens my eyes & it opens my heart, I mean, my mind - to the way of . . .

​The acquisition of meaning is more difficult than the acquisition of knowledge... and wealth, all of which a man is mortally dependent on. I guess some can choose. I can't.

I just need One rain, God, please, have pity on my soul .

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