Saturday, August 25, 2018


Ticket... no - livestream has been bought and paid for. Of course. Initially I thought it's about people - who you choose to support, because I'm not too fond of any of the fighters. But no, this is about observing the historical turn of events. I don't think I learned anything from the way they market this thing, by the way.

But whatever. I'll get some KFC if I will wake up early enough.

And I started watching Cells at Work! - and let me tell you it's an excellent anime. The best since JoJo. Jotaro is in there too... sort of. Anyway! Whenever my skin broke and I knew my platelets were fixing it, I just knew they were little kids. I always treated them like little kids, even when I was little. Like when I was 6 or 7. To this day I would pet my wound after I sucked it until it's pale and licked it, as if I was petting little kids working together to mend the wound. I would say quietly "Shhh... shhh... it's Okay.." to myself... to my inner self, I mean. We all have to protect that inner self that's forever going to be a kid.

You know h'what, I don't believe the whole Id, ego and super-ego thing, I think it's about to be debunked. The whole thing- everything is getting modernized. Anyway. I think there is an inner child, an inner teen and an outer adult. A senior should not appear anywhere. If you're old and you look old, you're a loser. But anyway. I think we must first make safe of the inner child so we have a sense of security. Then we try to satisfy the inner teen so we tend to all sorts of desires and impulses. Then finally we tend the outer adult. We- I appear to be an adult now. If you're kid you'll appear a kid. You might not have the inner teen yet. But I'm saying since now I'm an adult I have all of these things. And adult needs come last like the super-ego things. Adult needs pure intellectual stimulation, gets some sense of pleasure from discipline and responsibility, needs accomplishments etc. You know? Makes sense, right?

Never gave much thought about T cells and white blood cells before, though I was pleased to learn I had higher than usual level of white blood cells. I love my body, Diary. I always feel like it's made up of these little things. I never feel whole. I can always feel that everybody is working together to make me not die, just like how it's portrayed in this anime. That's why I love it so much. I can sense that people don't humanize their body parts. Like, they think, "it's parts!" but no. Well, that's it then.

I'd say at the moment my inner kid is fine. My inner teen, however, is pretty riled up and is preventing my outer adult to do its job .

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