Monday, July 2, 2018

One Ear

I feel like nowadays people are increasingly and unnecessarily harsh toward those who have a dream and more outrageously - towards those who have talent. at the end of the day, there is only one group of people I'd fight for, and that's people with God Given talent. They're my only comrades.

It's easy to observe from history how this group of people are faring- worse and worse. And there are fewer and fewer of them despite the exploding population. I think most people are fine with living in a merit-less world as long as they're fed. As far as being animals goes, that's only natural and expected. I can see the End Game, and I think God will see that this experiment has failed, because all that is left is maggots filling their tummy with worthless things.

Humans are the most advanced creatures on this planet, but there are some serious design flaws. I see what is inevitable now.

All of this isn't prompted by anything. I just feel like talking about it to you because I've gathered enough evidence.

It was pretty gross today though. I opened the window when I turned on the stove to cook, and the drooling old fool across the street literally came out on the terrace four times in ten minutes. I can't tell you how much I hate being looked at, by anyone, really, and especially by old people. Here is another mistake with human lifespan. God will fix it, too, I'm sure, when it fixes all.

But I'm honestly tired of dodging prying eyes from other windows, so I'll be buying flowers and placing them strategically soon. And I have to figure out the Italy situation, because it only occurred to me last night that Italy has an alarming old people population- no I know, I mean I just connected the dots. The clear solution is a house with yard and trees that provide privacy. I always wanted it that way, anyway. But I'm trying to figure out which region in the north has less old people.

The Will to breed and live is deeply ingrained in every basic creature. It is actually incredible. It's amazing we all came to the world this way. On other planets, I'm sure, there has got to be another way, another design. I have overcome this, but it's hard to watch. I have this sense of disgust, like you've arrived @ a maggot-themed party. Everything is maggot themed. I hope there are more activities and things, in general, that are not about breeding or instincts we all possess. Why is that too much to ask?

It's not that we as a species wasted a lot of potential, a lot of it has just been suppressed by the masses, who just want to breed, and so on.

Instincts can't be a part of free will, I don't think.

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