Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Infinity War: Surprising Cathartic Good Ending

So Infinity War is "out" today and I watched it because I've run out of things to watch. It was pretty boring for the most part all except for the ending. I mean, with the same FX it'd be pretty boring if you put it back in the 90s, just the trite plot and everything. The Ending was surprising though. So people do agree that overpopulation is an intense problem and needs to be dealt with a heavy hand. This is a weird context but OK good 2 know. But it was kind of quick and as I was enjoying the ending I couldn't help but think what BULLSHIT it'd be if some of the characters should come back. At the back of my mind I knew they had to because it was played out so casual.

I mean, I was never a fan of superhero anything and I've certainly not watched all the films, but I recognized most of the characters in this one. I really hope the ending is the true ending and there's no more tricks. That would spoil it. But either way I don't feel for any of them because it's just so cliche. I can't take it. It's a really boring film. And it's clearly aimed for kids with the talking animals and stuff. Trying to be funny. I'd guess age 6-12 range. I'd be dead-ass embarrassed by this shit when I was 13. Anyway.

Even the FX is outdated btw, like not even the latest best tech. I can only imagine they saved a bunch of money by delivering the same FX as a couple of years ago for much less. I mean, whatever.

Yeah I'm reading IMDB reviews right now and someone said all of them will come back. What the fuck. OK. I said it though. It'd be too good to be true. So this entire film is a hoax. It's such a retarded film, man. I can't.

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