Saturday, July 28, 2018


I've heard enough dog barking and baby crying in one day. My mood and understanding of this city has completely matured and stabilized. I get the locals 100% now. It took me a year and a half.

Now. There is so much cringe to go around, Diary. How can a nation be so retarded and embarrassing? I don't even want to talk about it. Ugh. Besides that, I learned about Ice Poseidon recently, and I just... I was curious at first, but now that I've seen all that I've seen, I don't...

It's like, at first I didn't get Let's Play either. I didn't get gameplay videos at all. But over the past 2 years, I learned that it can be of great use as an archive/record-keeping and sample footage which dissuaded me from wasting any time on many a substandard game. Granted, I still view it differently than those who genuinely enjoy this type of thing (with commentary, ew, I never watch ones with commentary), but I get gameplay videos now.

Streaming is another thing like this. I know it started many years ago but it's only made it to mainstream rather recently. I must understand it, before one day it turns into a multi gazillion dollar industry, nowadays the dull ass streamers are actually pioneering in this field, so now is the time get a good idea of it. As for gameplay streaming, I get it, it's like the videos only better. It's in real time, you feel right there with the streamer, etc. But there are new varieties unique to streaming that's addictive for a lot of people and those are what I didn't get.

First is the so-called titty streamers. Now I've never actually watched web-cam because let's face it, it's about fantasy for me and watching someone masturbate is just sad. Those poor girls. It honestly is so sad. So OK, I get titty streaming now. It's soft core. But like, it's ultra sad when you see the "geeky" elements in their room like pokemon plushies on their bed, cat ears on their head, gamer chairs or the uniform LEDs like the beauty vloggers use. It's sad to see someone play a character that they clearly don't fit. And I don't get why that's attractive either. Like, what is the big deal with titties? Why can't men get over them? And why are girls so ready to display them? I keep thinking- once you show them your nudes, you have no more assets. All of your viewers cannot achieve penetration and you've given them everything they need in order to jerk off. Then you have no value to them no more. How is this not clear? It's so sad.

I mean, there aren't even any hot male streamer the whole 10 seconds I was on Twitch so it's not even a market for me in the first place lol. I wouldn't want to see them bend over or fondle themselves anyway. Only boring people like to watch people just sitting in a room. On a side note, I was glad to see more and more men caring about their appearance online. Some of them go over the top, but I have a sick joy whenever I come across those types. I mean subs like malefashionadvice or something is still cringe as hell, like the one time I've been there I was shivering from how poor taste their stuff was, but they're trying at least, I guess. But titty streamers is just not my thing. So I don't care.

So there is only one category left that can help me understand the appeal of streaming- the real irl. And Ice Poseidon is supposed to be #1. I have to say if he's #1 there is a lot of room for succession. I mean, if you look at irl videos, I guess he is more like Casey Neistat, whom I don't watch, not only because he's hideous but also because he is actually pandering and uncreative and greedy. But Casey has good work ethics and nice set-ups, so I gotta give him credit on that. It's baffling to me how few irl streamers put thought and effort into their gears. That's the first thing that made me not write off Ice Poseidon from the start, because he actually has an adequate set up to go around and film things.

But this guy's relationship with his community is just weird, it honestly is the weirdest I've ever seen. I mean, we've seen gross stuff on the internet, for sure. Filthy Frank shaved Idubbbz's hair and ate hair cake, but they did it as their own gag. The viewers don't dictate what they do next. And after Filthy Frank became sushi trash or Joji or something he just left all that behind. I don't think many of his older fans followed his music career, and he's now garnering approval from a completely new audience. FF and his audience can both re-invent themselves.

Ice Poseidon here actually caves to the will of his fans. He actually fake-broke up with his girlfriend because he couldn't take the pressure from his own community and more recently shaved his head to apologize to them. Like, there is such a strong emotional bond between them that I've never seen before. The emotional attachment is so strong both ways. It's honestly shocking to me how affected he is by his community and how invested his community is in every minute detail of his life. I'm wondering if it's because it's irl. Actually, I wonder if it's the point of irl- that your action have some sort of effect, even if days delayed- that you exert some sort of influence on the personality when usually it's the other way around. But is it a good idea to blur that line? It's also shocking to me how open this guy is to his fans. He honestly is so open and transparent to them already, more than any vlogger or streamer has ever been. I almost feel like this isn't a streamer-fan relationship. No doubt anyone who has any means to get to him feels like they're his actual friend, and he actually makes friends that way too and puts random people on his stream to become featured characters. But think. Just think. How transient must these people be? They are transient as fuck. You'd think Ice Poseidon is great at making friends because it seems he can strike up a conversation with just about anybody. Girls are ready to hook up with him and fall for his superficial charm. He "makes friends" quick, but they wouldn't last long.

You can see this depression and vulnerability immediately in this guy and I wonder if that's why so many girls opened their hearts to him, because for real I felt for him too. For a second. Like oh the poor thing, the poor thing looks so tortured, someone needs to be nice to him. But then again you immediately discover that he is so needy and insecure. ( And filthy. ) He calls other people leeches but he leeches off them too. Oh I know the word. Obsessed. He is obsessed with his community and his community is obsessed with him, and in addition he is obsessed with getting love and care from people around him- you know, those he can find and touch. For now he's sane, but he's kind of destroying his own life in search of love and attention he thinks he needs, and he's never going to escape the control of his purple army at this rate. It's not like he's a victim or anything, they made him. I'm just saying. It's fascinating.

Is it cruel for people to watch train-wrecks and be entertained by them? Personally, I'm more of a volcano and forest fire type of person. I saw a drive through wildfire video today and my heart is satisfied- hey, HEY, HEY I JUST REALIZED my perfect afternoon is sitting next to the window while it's raining outside and watching a clip of someone driving through forest fire- but I suppose there are people who can derive some sort of pleasure from watching a streamer shaving his own head. To me that's an injustice, cause I think everyone should look their best. I enjoy disasters brought about by God and nature, but some people enjoy self-harm, I guess.

So what I make of this is, this is fine. It's not my type of thing, but it's good to know every type of C O N T E N T is out there nowadays.

Oh yeah I learned a new word "scuff".

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