Sunday, July 15, 2018


Let's just have a quiet, relaxing afternoon. I broke so much sweat today - so much so that I had to turn on air-conditioning, but I've come to like the newfound peace and quiet once all the windows are closed. I don't know why people are rioting even on Sunday. I heard the World Cup is finally going to be over so maybe it's because of that. I don't really care. I really sweat easily, Diary. If I actually work out it's normally twice as effective as other people, but the thing is I don't. I still can't convince me to do it. I mean, there is enough gardening work waiting for me in the near future, so I'm not worried about it.

I think in the fall I'll open the canned game, you know, boar, partridge, quail and of course beef & pork cheeks and duck confit. In August I'll cook arròz a banda, and so on.

I didn't realize what they're saying about Italian and Spanish being so similar until last night. I mean, it's cool, I guess. But I have to move on, enough of that.

Well Diary. I'm grateful that there are so many varieties on jungle sounds and rain sounds floating around today. Can you believe the life previous to this, as well as the time where people couldn't make ice? We've come a long way. I mean, it's little things that still surprise me sometimes, but sometimes it gets really dumb, like it is a wonder to me there are fish in the water. In the ocean. Like, they're just there, they're living there. And we're living totally separate lives. Creatures.

I'm extremely logical, Diary, you know that - but I also make mistake. I've come to learn that it's the worst when a logical person makes mistake. It really is.

So I . . .

I just have another thought about jerking off. I think it might be easier for women because it's, well it is for me but I guess I should say it can be, a hands off experience.

Oh what else. Let me come back in a while.

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