Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tuna Tactic

I masturbated a little while today. I'm sorry, but there is this new genre of hentai apparently that are aimed at girls. I heard it's called shoujo-hentai, clear as it sounds. Basically the protagonist is always this girlfriend-color-haired (by that I mean hazelnut or some sort of pink) girl like how it's always this default regular looking short dark hair guy in hentai, or anime in general really- that's geared towards guys. Basically the difference is in shoujo hentai the one girl fucks many guys versus the other way around and the guys are actually good looking and have all sorts of crazy colored hair like the other way around. There is always this red hair guy- I'm talking about blazing red hair, he's kind of pushy and always fired up but you just want to have sex with him etc. The purple/blue haired guy is often just blue you know, they're kind of pale and emo and whatever. I mean, I do feel like this is kind of formulaic but since it is a pretty big reversal I suppose the novelty won't wear off for a while. I do feel dumb watching the plot though. There is a lot more plot.


Oh I just checked and apparently FOW's GITS production is out. Give me a minute.

And, I don't know what the hell I did, but the tuna came out super tangy that day. I have never tasted fish that's this tangy. I'm a master at conserva. I follow Food Wishes by the way, the only way to tell if a chef is a master chef is to see if they cook food from different cultures. The moment I saw baklava on Food Wishes' channel I knew Chef John is the real deal. His voice is so funny also, the guy's got a great sense of humor.

OK I skipped through the GITS porn. I don't know about the Borderlands-esque graphics, man, it's just weird. It don't work on porn, it don't even work on games if you ask me. There is this whole conversation about poster edge effect and human perception, but I don't want to get into that today.

You know what's really bothering me these days, it's the fact that people don't seem to care about others' suffering anymore. Of course, this stems from independence, but I'm really beginning to think that more independence doesn't mean more freedom. It truly looks like there are more people who feel oppressed today than ever before. True, people aren't as oppressed today as any day before, but there are more people who feel a level of oppression. It's so widespread that people don't have the heart to care about others anymore, but this is how we stagnate. I don't know. It's clear to me that it's easier to make people happier than to make things worse. I don't know how to say it, actually.

What do you say to someone who knows how to make others happy but not themselves, you know? You probably say nothing. You did say nothing, Diary. You never did say anything. I know, I know.

First things first.

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