Thursday, June 28, 2018

sound of horn

I can never get over how (at least) upper middle class people live like old peasants nowadays. Just the land ownership, I mean. The tenants haven't changed. If you're not participating in politics, you shouldn't be in the city.

I had a dream last night, first part good, then bad.

I have upgraded everything. With the Kenzo sheets arriving next week, I don't have to worry about this anymore.

Transformation takes place quietly. No one knows, and the world changes.

Who the hell knows or cares what's happening out there anymore? Do all historians feel this way? No, just last week I heard someone complain about the banality of modern day politics, and they went back to study history but still felt like they need to keep up.

But the thing is, the thing is.

You know.

It's dreadfully hot at night now. It wasn't like this last summer, I don't think.

I'm still reading a lot of stuff that makes me incensed. I'm still not happy about the world. I'm not happy about what I've learned, yet I have to keep going.

I wish we could talk more often.

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