Friday, June 1, 2018

l u c i d l o g i c

Do you know how hard it is to obtain?

BTW, what the GDPR ordeal- I say "ordeal" because it will lead to more thorough and violent collection of people's data. You can't even use services, websites and apps without consenting to them collecting everything they want fuck this keyboard is fucked isn't it? Well fuck me, my bad for trusting Razer with all my gears. But what I mean is, right, before you could debate morals and sue for malpractices, but now people have no recourse. It's really worse than before. Of course the intentions are good, but the policy-makers fail to see that corporations can always go broader. If it's not something you can quit then you're just fucked. Pretty sweet I have it here, eh?

Well, as an advertiser, I can already expect more accurate targeting, which is nice. Ha, you thought I was going to defend GDPR for a second, didn't you? Well, like I said the intentions are good and I like good intentions- and privacy, but this isn't the way to go about doing it. You can't count on self-regulation and inaction anymore. You have to be proactive about protecting your own data. This is just another example of failed Yoropean progressive policy-making. That's just not going to cut it these days.

What do I think about Assange being held and gagged? Well, I kind of feel bad about calling him a master shit-stirrer when I read his book, or more like a memo- but I won't retract it because it's true. No assassination will happen to him because he's high profile which is nice and cool, but I honestly think it's time for WikiLeaks to re-structure & re-strategize. Find a new face and publish an issue of true scandal, something with great impact like the Panamas Papers that would highlight the organization's positive and crucial place in today's journalism which is deprived of integrity. Now is a great time for WikiLeaks to rise and thrive now that I think of it.

Politicians are busy martyring themselves. It's interesting. It only happens before the real shit. So expect an epic, glorious world war in the next 10-20 years. I'm not so sure because while I and the world's economy have changed a lot in the past decade, it was still largely stable. Maybe no war will happen again, which is cool also.

I have a lot of stuff to worry about. You're absolutely right, Diary.

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