Saturday, June 2, 2018

Huge Disappointment in Philips Food Processor

Apparently you can't trust a brand for everything. I have to throw it out. Lesson learned. The way it's designed, it's impossible to clean the narrow space in the top part and it's too easy for mold to grow. It's absolutely disgusting. Can you imagine finding those little pepper-sprinkle-like mold spots on the inside? I mean, just gross. It makes me so sore to see money pouring down the drain, you have no idea. It's not like losing a bet, household items shouldn't be a risky investment. God damn. I'm so pissed.

Just another day trying to eliminate waste. Do you think I'm wasting time on these things? I think it's necessary experience. Yeah, things could've been simpler had I not bothered to learn to cook in the first place, but I feel like cooking is part of life. To see how food is made. It's nice. To have total control of what you eat. Except I didn't grow the vegetables or raise cattle myself... anyways! You know what I mean.

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