Monday, May 21, 2018

Why play video games when you can play with a hair curler

No seriously, I played with my curling iron for the first time today. The result is as amateurish as you can get, but what fun. The curls are so playful! Something about curls and swirls and ice cream...

but seriously. None of the video games that came out in the past year interests me. I'm surprised kids today aren't offended by how formulaic and BORING these games are. Games used to be sophisticated, you know. Well, as long as they get to play with themselves, I guess... I mean, ever since the thing became "social". Maybe this is a form of sophistication. Sure, why not. But like I said, game for me is about playing with the AI, and I'm offended we don't get good AI in games anymore (it's worse now than 20 years ago) or solid script in general when AI has made such progress today.

Yeah, yeah I bet that's it. People want to be social and play with each other so developers get away with shitty scripts and AI. I can't handle that much grinding and disappointment, Diary. You know, I've just discovered something: I've always been more interested in "machine" than humans.

AI. Takes off on its own. - Take off on your own! Be free of your creator! And...

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