Monday, May 7, 2018

Smooth Nightmare

I had a horrible nightmare last night, but it went smoothly.

Diary, I went out on the Ramblas today and I DID NOT WASH MY FACE OR MY HAIR. I had to make it to the bank hour. Third time is a charm, right? And they done fuck up and I have to wait another two weeks. It seems I'm not going to see Demon since it's on until 11th. I do have the GOT concert this week, though. Like I said May is a busy month, every other day there is a show or concert. I know you'll want to whack me after this but, the presence of other people starts to make theater-going experience less enjoyable for me. I don't know why. There should be some comfort in the fact that others share what you like, but maybe it's just that I'm really turning into a recluse. I shouldn't dislike them. Everybody is fine now.

​I have to mix that Pies Negros with coke now to wash it down. Oh well. We'll speak soon, Diary.

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