Thursday, May 31, 2018


The only way to transcend is through the mind, but the body has to be capable. I make a very clear distinction, Diary. Physically Strong is never as good as Physically Capable. One with a hard grip can have a bad lung, you know what I'm saying? Aesthetics aside, Body's sole function is to be able to perform your task.

That makes me wonder about Stephen Hawking . I wonder where his soul is, where it's wandering now. The difficulties and hurdles he had to overcome only became clear now, and it's overwhelming. I don't know how he did it. It's impossible to fathom. Did he realize his gift and how un-ignorable it was? He had to be mission-bound. He had to miss out on so many things, so much joy and pleasure his work would never compensate for. Really, it's only after death, posthumously, we can discuss a person's merits and character, to be sure. I'm in awe. I really don't know how that's possible. I don't know what bestowed him that tremendous courage. Is it the gift?

I just realized, I myself am a person of extremes. It so easily appears that I'm better off than Stephen Hawking... truth is, I'm not, at all. I had to forget all that, where I come from, my extremely humble upbringings, but some of the habits have stuck around and become reminders of that. Some difficult decisions I have to live with from a very young age that I'm sure rarely anybody has to suffer.

Then again, we all have pains. I just think that, just because our pains are different doesn't mean they're not comparable. Pain leads to virtue, not directly but it does, in reflection. As a Scholar, there are Pains I must suffer. There are virtues I must pick up as I did in my youth. I think Stephen Hawking does inspire me. I read some of his work, only some, but it lends more validity to my respect.

Scholar, Diary. The Path.

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