Sunday, May 27, 2018

Latest nightmare

I experienced the most horrifying dream last night. The End of the World...

First, I was charged to take care of this pool in this hotel... and then, the world was just Ending. The ambiance, the people... the feeling. I hope as always I can just leave words here and when I see them later I'll recall the whole thing, because I don't think I'll ever forget this dream. I mean, the wrecked landscape... the flattened world... the white debris like a hundred shattered planes... the staircase ascending into the sky and the terror that awaits there... the world was Ending... only a handful of us left. You think that's a good thing? No. Everyone had been picked up by a plane and they flew off to safety, the ones left were the abandoned. I felt... I looked around and I felt hard to breathe... there was something blocking in my chest and I just can't... it was the End. It was like... I was made to think. To re-think.

The vast emptiness. Everything everyone has ever built was destroyed, taken away...

I was suffocating. You have to remember this dream... you have to remember it forever.

I knew what it felt like.

There is still war raging on today. The persecuted Rohingyas, the refugees, the people who were never rescued, the people on the run. I felt like one of them last night. There is so much despair... the despair was flooding in my dream. I could die in one of those dreams.       

​World could End instantly.

Close to End-

Close to End...

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