Friday, May 11, 2018

I hate G R R Martin

Diary, we have so much catching up to do.

My feet is... are fucked, of course. And also of course I'm bleeding on this day. And of course the day I talked about not wearing heels was the day I started buying them. I'm not wearing heels today but I might as well. I've decided I won't go outside of the 1 km parameter on foot from now. I shouldn't need to.


Please tell me how is this the best seat aside from the overpriced VIP packages. It's a full house, by the way. I got there 20 minutes early. But even the VIP seats (I'm assuming all those on the floor are VIP seats) sucked, whenever the performers go to the front (left in pic) of the stage they have to turn. And when they turn they could only see their backs. And they inhaled so much smoke and glitter during the show lol, what a bunch of masochists.

I've got to be honest with you- Palau Sant Jordi does not have the set up for music. The sound is awful, this building is just inadequate. I would never come here for a concert again.

​The question isn't is it worth it to spend 100€ to see GOT concert, which obviously it isn't - the question is if it's worth it to spend 100€ to see Ramin Djawadi from a distance. I'm on the fence, but I guess I can cross it off the bucket list. I'm only there to listen to Light of the Seven and Winds of Winter and of course they performed them but I don't know- I don't know if the composer set the whole program because all of the tracks are cut off abruptly. And they don't end right there- they always end with "wow, wow" nonstop "wow" from the idiot next to me. I'm talking about croaky, hideous sound a man makes- a man who has never seen better things. There is nothing that's "wow"-worthy about the show. It's a bunch of character cut being played on screen, the sound is awful (not music, though music tonight has been cut weirdly like I said), it's no better than some of the music videos made by fans. It all feels very low budget if you ask me.

The composer does look like he's in his 20s though, I don't know what his secret is. I like Ramin Djawadi mainly because he composed the Prison Break tracks and well... I don't think we'll get a concert for that. I was sort of compelled to buy ticket to this show last year, just like I was compelled to watch Game of Thrones. I really don't like Game of Thrones, but I need to watch it, just like the news. I always only watch it once and even skip at some point or turn away or do dishes while it plays on my computer. It was all the rage when I was in college, even the Finance class professor was talking about it. It was too sad. I had to. I still have to, for closure. But I don't like GOT. I read one of the books, and the other day I found out I'd given it a 5 star on goodreads. I don't remember why. I don't think I could be compelled to give it a 5 star, even though I was compelled to read it. So maybe I did enjoy the book. The whole affair is too sad. I really dislike this whole thing and I keep pushing myself to see and understand and even appreciate what other people like. I suffer so much for humanity. No more.

I don't want to ever sit next to someone who says "wow" all the time at every little thing and watches a live performance from a screen. Can you believe how may idiots were recording this? Good God. Some of them were only recording the big screen. I can't even. Well, I already don't go to movies, I guess I won't go to large concerts from now either.

​I even put on make up today. It's so embarrassing and I am so annoyed with myself. It's just an eyeliner but I don't remember since when did MAC start to make their pencils shitty. I was good with pencils, yet I must be losing my game. It's been a while. But at the end of the day, you have to fill the end of your root, you know, where your eyelashes grow- and that makes me really uncomfortable. I don't want pigment on the lids of my eyes, it's that simple. I looked like a freak. I don't care if I achieved the effect anybody else desires, I don't look normal. I will never put on make up again. Except maybe foundation and blushes. Maybe just blushes. But definitely not anything on my eyes. Fuck that.

Oh you know how I figured out I should support heels? Because heels literally make you taller and correct your posture. With 4 inch heels I'm easily 5'8. Why not. If ordinary shoes are going to hurt me anyway. Why not.

​Look how grainy it is. It was a beautiful cityscape in the night and the statue in the foreground, and the picture conveys 0 of it. But I don't know if I'll come back to MNAC with my real camera so. And because of my feet I'm not even sure if I'll go there again at all, which is why I haven't renewed my membership. Not enough works is my main problem with most establishments around here. They're all striving and up to standard but not sticky enough to keep me around. I seriously believe large amount of good works are circulating in the United States right now. I'll let you know after I go to London, Paris and Amsterdam. I was in a good mood & humming when I got there - not because the show was great but because it's over.

Now. Let's talk about something delightful.

I've been meaning to show you these adorable soaps. The The English Soap Company ones are like large eggs and they're very strongly perfumed: that's Lavender, that's enchanted blooms (I don't know what blooms yet), that's Jasmine & Sandalwood, that's cherry blossom and that's Lily of the Valley, and that's Nesti Dante's gold anniversary. I'm going to use the Lily of the Valley one first.

And guess what? I got the 2018 Yearbook.

I heard this is going to be their last print ?  Which is too sad, but I can see how Britannica can't compete with a crowd-sourced Wikipedia. I have glanced at the content and I think they probably made the right decision. I have been hugely disappointed in some areas of research within the online Britannica, but the books serve a purpose. They really don't seem to know the direction they should take with the Online one.

That about covers it. Good night Diary, and thanks for listening to me.

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