Sunday, May 13, 2018

Fragrance Diet

Diary, I'm trying to figure out this situation - if I can have a fragrance diet. It means I replace most food with fragrance, since I have so much perfume lying around. I will have about 100. Experiencing fresh fragrance is so much more exciting than tasting food. So whenever I'm hungry, I'll just spray a little around me. I can pretty much get by on juice, ice cream, caviar, chocolate and water. Every week or so I'll cook a steak and any other time - I don't really need to cook anymore. Yeah if I crave cake I'll bake a cake, but you know. This is the simplest diet. I don't have to force myself eat things I don't like, even for nutrition. Nutrition is so easy to get from anywhere. So what do you think? Will this work? Oh and wine. Every day I'll have a little bit of indulgence of my choice, be it chocolate or ice cream,then have juice for the vitamins, and a glass of wine or cocktail before I go to bed. Tea sometimes. I mean, now it's pretty close to that, but I'm just thinking. I don't have to repeat the same thing over and over again, you know? I like variety. I get tired of bread and salad. I'm a sampler.

You will never get cactus-flavored food - unless you actually eat a cactus. I mean... you know? You get me, right?

I need stimulants. "Oh she's thinking about dangerous stuff-" no I don't mean drugs of course. Diary, please. Please. It's me. I just mean, plain and simple, stimulants. Maybe some day I'll have the time to cook like a Michelin starred chef but for the time being, I'll just try cooking new dishes every now and then and most importantly make sure my olfactory senses are stimulated.

I really need minimal amount of food so I'll have it be the best. It makes sense. I think it'd be pretty romantic if I can live like that.

OK Whatever. I've told you.

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