Friday, May 4, 2018

2nd warning dream

So I had a 2nd warning dream last night. It was about a classmate's suicide which I thought was a murder and tried to solve. I even sent her a text saying "I'm going to find out who did it"- to the (presumably) dead person's phone. And the problem is, her timer wasn't set right (don't ask why, it's dream logic) so she didn't end up tying the noose. So she lived. And my text was still there. So I tried to solve nothing. A suicide otherwise, but in actuality nothing. And because that's the only proof left... I' mean, a thing, I ended up being alienated. So what this tells me is to not care about others too much. I really felt like I cared for my classmate- for no reason- in my dream. It kind of makes me sick. It really is nauseating.

It's a good warning.

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