Monday, April 23, 2018

Sizing Chart

It's pretty amazing I can fit into these "S" Guess pants now. Well they're sweatpants so I guess for sure.

Young girls are wearing white t shirts all over the place. I had to read Tim Gunn's fashion book in college to understand the appeal. If it was up to me... no wait, it is up to me, I would never wear t shirts. Those United States have produced many wonders and things to strive for, but only in recent years I discovered how hard I reject some of its culture. Much like how I loathe Nordic myth, this rejection is unbiased, unshakable, genuine, pure and comes from the bottom of my heart. I hate pop music, I hate most TV shows and movies Hollywood's ever produced (that I've seen ofc), I really hate anything western (I want to throw up whenever I see cowboy boots), I hate country music, I hate how similar those cities look, I hate Target and Walmart and JCPenney and Home Depot, I hate Macy's, I hate Sam's Club and how all those soulless major chains work, I hate having to drive to anywhere, I hate crass humor, I hate cheap looking clothing especially the ubiquitous tank top & yoga pants, I hate racism and anti-intellectualism, I hate all of their political figures etc. etc. In my mind, those United States are these wonderful ancient lands that are gifted by nature plus some of the most ingenious minds they've collected from all over the world. But... I don't even know why I said all that. It's pretty much everything that's representative of America that I don't like. I really don't like white t shirt. It's the most casual and thoughtless attire ever put together, a fucking white t shirt and a pair of yoga pants or leggings- don't they know these are not pants?

Well, youth is all about being chill, I get that. Whatever. I get tired at looking at those boring combinations, but I can just look away.

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