Wednesday, April 18, 2018

poka poka

OMG I just realized...

H'what does it mean! When the day you...I begin to like Gin, is the same day the poka poka moe vid is released!!!!!!? 17th!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!

Get outta here ///////////

Gin: Don't do anything stupid .

​Me: ..............

Gin: Member you said you won't do any fan art ever again. 

​Me: This isn't fan art, it's for my own needs. 

Gin: And you need me ?

Me: I'm quite infatuated with you Gin. 

​Gin: As long as you keep it between us...

Me: Of course. I'm the only audience and the only player.

Gin: What are you planning ?

Me: I was going to wait till VR technology matures but evidently I can't hold it in anymore...

Gin: Explain !

​Me: You'll star in the bestest 3D porn in the world exclusively for me.

Gin: OK. I'll be killing and waiting.

Me: Haha, I can't wait.

And so Gin becomes the star of the porno I talked about... I always knew I'd finally do it but this is a surprising turn of events.

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