Thursday, April 26, 2018

neck is going to snap

I woke up today with a crippling neck pain. It hurts so much every time I bend it back and look at the ceiling. God. My neck is going to snap... right?

Anyhow, there was too much noise out there today, the rest of my body is in pain as well. But now it's late and they can't do it anymore. I'm not cut out for the city, man. I can't take it. Good God. Everything is SO LOUD. I gave it a shot, a fair shot. Just like I gave it a fair amount of time to be with my parents for the last time, this is a fair shot for city living. I have no doubt in my mind any more. No matter how cool they depict it in movies, I just don't care now. I know it fully well. Once I leave the city in 1 1/2 years, I'm never looking back.

Life is long, Diary, but also short. I have to ask... would God continue observing our foolery... or be left in peace ?

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