Friday, April 13, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg saying the same things twice

Mark Zuckerberg literally said the same things here and here. Literally same points, same rhetoric, same citations and tactics. I'm not even going to say he is a robot or a lizard man as a joke, because those are some of the most retarded and un-funny "jokes" I've ever heard, but he is really, really robotic. It's really a public display of how irresponsible and inhuman this person and this corporation is. That said I'm OK with them fucking with stupid, easy-to-manipulate people and you'll find out why by the end of this entry.

When I saw the cover of Wired Magazine- March 2018 issue, it was his banged up face, I thought they were going to roast him. But no, that piece was whole defense. But later I was like, of course, it's Wired, what did I expect.

But Facebook is really bad and none of them were asking the right questions. They made it easy for Zuckerberg to use those simple, generic answers. The commentators kept saying they weren't connecting, well I don't think Zuckerberg can connect with anyone who isn't as familiar with Facebook as he is.

Facebook does harvest and keep your data. Facebook can disable your account for any reason or no reason at all, before you delete anything, and take away your ability to delete anything, and that way they keep all your data. It's theirs and you can't do anything about it. I mean, it's not like raising cattle, it's not like they think you're ripe and off you and harvest your data. I don't know the exact criteria they use to target people. But they need to keep your data, your connection with people- and use it.

All of the concerns these ancient senators and committee members have are legitimate and present in all major tech firms, and because their inability to ask the right questions and poke the right holes, these tech firms will continue to walk the fine line for as long as they can.

Even from the beginning- for me in 2009 I think, no wait. 2007. Yeah. Even in 2007 I thought it was insane that anyone would use such a platform. It's as shocking to me as if the shark tornado film happened in real life. I consistently find myself shocked at things people take for granted in every day life. I think if I went into a coma and I lost some of my memory, and I wake up and someone tells me Facebook has become a part of my "every day life", I would instantly have a heart attack and die on the spot. It's just unfathomable to me.

It's not "if you aren't paying for it, then you're the product" for me at all. I think there are things we create for each other to enjoy for free just like nature is just there for free, but it's a matter of trust. Sometimes we look at somebody in the face and we instantly get a gut feeling if this person is trustworthy, and granted- I must immediately say- sometimes we're wrong. But whether we're right or wrong, we often rely on that. I don't see how it's different with an app. If you've seen its interface, you know how it works, you toggle some of the basic controls, that should give you a pretty good idea of whether this thing is trustworthy or not. And it's just shocking to me that people find it trustworthy.

I don't judge a book by its cover, but I think it's fair to assess it by the excerpt. Any excerpt. You realize it's these sayings that are causing troubles. Not this saying particularly in this case, it just occurred to me.

I mean, I don't have a trust issue. Now I know I don't have a trust issue. I often doubt myself, but over the years I've proved that I'm not many things I thought I was.  I really should trust my gut and my judgment, because I'm proved right times and again. The problem is not my "trust issue", the problem is really that there aren't that many people who are trustworthy.

Ever since I was little, there have been parents who try to coax me into hanging out with their kids. Actually, they try to force their kids to hang out with me because I'm a "good influence". But at the end of the day it's between the kids and once their kid saw the cold look in my eyes they won't make an attempt. I'm just shocked it's still happening even after I graduated college. This woman who tries to befriend my family while I'm away- every time I go back which is so very rare, she always seizes the opportunity to ask me out to dinner. I always knew what it was because at this dinner, as I was eating, she would ask me questions nonstop. It's the cheapest form of consultancy- "friendship". Think you can get invaluable advice for twenty.  It's absurdly cheap. I always turn it down despite her aggressive pursuit, but I can't protect my family when I'm away. She really tries hard to work her way in and now my family feels indebted to her- not indebted but they thought of her as a friend now. She made them feel like they could do her a favor and when I'm the only one who can do that favor, guess what- here it comes.

The whole reason she does this is because she has a daughter two years younger than me, and last month she finally did it. She asked me through my family to get her daughter into a top grad school in Spain. All options are wide open - I will handpick the school and look at faculty - see, I did edit a bunch of theses before but I don't even know how grad schools work and she wants me to do it.

I mean, if you can get me to plan your life for a few dinners every now and then, it is the best deal. It always happens. These dirt bags always escalate from little questions to life planning. They would ask me what their children should do when 1, I don't know jack shit about those kids and 2, those damn kids are sitting right there. It's a joke. And this is a good one so I always laugh and point it out. I always found it odd that she would be enthusiastic to see me when I have showed no warmth toward her. Remember, when this happens, it's always they want something. People may dislike you for no reason, but they won't like you for no reason, not this much, at least. And keep in mind her daughter is currently in Germany. She wants her daughter to go to Spain because I am here. What the actual fuck. This gives me the same chills as being tracked by unauthorized apps. I hope my family listens to what I have to say and don't tell anyone anything about me anymore. Unlike me, they won't lie, but you know, it's troubling.

So I told my family to tell her that if her daughter is going to grad school and she can't yet DO RESERACH and make decisions for herself, then she's worthless and cheaper than dirt. I'm sure my family didn't convey that verbatim but I hope I got my message across. I'm constantly in deep fear that people will approach my family in order to get to me. It's too horrible.

I swear I won't help any of these lazy cunt bags. Think of how irresponsible and incompetent these leeches are. Who wants to dine with them? Who has an appetite when you see their greedy face and how they want to devour you ?

Some people say "Oh I don't know if people like me for me" and I think that's bullshit. You... let's say I, what I am to others is always going to be my value to them. So whatever they identify is true. If you think "you" are a bundle of fun but others only see your wealth/attractiveness or see those latter qualities foremost, then it's up to them. There is a discrepancy between what others see in you and what you see in yourself, and you might feel that way, but you can't fault what others perceive and identify because that's their perspectives. You can disagree with them or attempt to change them, but one important thing to note is you do not court the hopeless populace. I've maybe made that mistake once or twice in the past, but in my heart I always know- why court imbeciles who won't ever care about anything besides their own immediate well-being?  Like, who gives a shit about them? You are not a politician, you don't have a constituency to woo.

I mean, poor people are poor all around, and they're destined to be poor. I actually thought about it today. Who's poor people? It's not necessarily people who are born poor, it's people who die poor. People who were born into a poor family don't always stay poor just like people who were born into a rich family don't always stay rich. Those who were born poor and never made an effort to change their life should be stuck in the worst jobs and having a miserable life. Those who were born rich but have no skills or ambitions deserve no sympathy when they slip into the abyss. At least that is the case when it comes to me. If someone comes to me for help, and I'm not the only person who can solve their problems, I'm not going to help. That's my principle. It's that simple.

Now this is an one way street of course, it applies only when there is nothing to gain for me.

I honestly feel sore looking back on all the time and energy I lost helping those hopeless fucks. I wish I'd let them drown. I just hope that as I mature, I can at least get rid of the moms and dads hooking me up with their imbecile kids. I can deal with "my peers". Like I said they don't usually go at you aggressively, they know shame. Except when they don't. It's tough. Everybody wants to suck your blood, and it's when you keep distance from them. I can't imagine people who actually "flourish" in such toxic social environments. It's unbelievable. Or do they want to suck other people's blood also? Don't be too cynical. The good people to me are never clingy. They have their own stuff to do. They don't want and don't need to suck your blood.

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