Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Holy fuck Imgur

The whole of Imgur is like /r/trashy. Only been there once, would not want to go back. They stole from Tumblr and now have a wall of shitty shitposts. I would much rather hang out with teenagers on Tumblr than whatever... whoever the fuck uses Imgur other than as an image host. Goodness my God.

I still remember the founder of Imgur giving a talk in the science museum (yeah, OMSI on the right bank) in Portland. I remember him talking about how they really weren't struggling at all because they had revenue from ads from the beginning. I was like OK great, it's a great floating utility. At the time I didn't know they were going to venture into the social media space. It's very disgusting. Do they know they're herding people with such poor tastes? It's not like Fickr, you know. Things that make to the front page are 100% trash.

I'm fucking allergic to seeing substandard stuff. Substandard anything. And when it's the face of... THE FACE OF!!! a company, a website, a nation, I just... I just!

I mean, you get me, right? Or have we veered off our course so much that this is just what it is now? I can't accept it. There is no platform on large that I want to join. There is no niche community I want to be a part of. Everything is so ill. People's lives are fucking bankrupt.

I think about how I've managed to stay off Facebook and Pinterest, not to mention Instagram and Snapchat with no effort, I mean (you must... and you may laugh) it's like staying off China. It's got a loooooot of people. It's very popular and populous. It's has a bunch of stuff, both good and bad, wonders and shit holes. It's the backbone of the world's manufacturing, it's a strong economy, it's got a large army, it's pumping so much into the global market etc. etc. etc..... but I don't need to be there. I simply don't need to be there. I don't have to suffer the bad to find the good. God knows people enjoy living there. 1.3 billion people and counting. Yes. Huge opportunities. I just don't need to be there.

Same way I look at all these fucking social media platforms. They are all... ALL!! I DO MEAN ALL!!!!! So poorly designed. I don't just mean I heard the recent backlash against them moving away from showing posts in chronological order, I'm not even talking about the algorithm. It's just, fundamentally, the basic functions, are fucking flawed and infuriating! It's unfathomably infuriating. Everywhere it's a clusterfuck. In case of Instagram, I gotta laugh. Viewing pictures in such small windows is just pathetic. Just fucking pathetic. It's really fucking broken. All of them.

So to me it's not even worthy to talk about. Yet people still flock to these sites. I don't get it. I don't get what others get out of these sites. I don't get what makes them sticky. I'm pretty sure I've heard VCs explain why some are sticky, but you know, I don't buy it. These sites fucking suck. Who cares if they're ranked #2 or #10? I don't need to be there.

The good thing is- for me and for everybody- that there needs not be FOMO. There simply does not need to be. I can afford to do this. Anybody can afford to do this- not be on there. You are not missing much at all. Even when I let Times subscription lapse, I'm not missing anything at all.

I hope you don't feel like I'm venting. I'm not venting at all. Everything is alright and nothing has changed.

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