Monday, April 9, 2018


I need to keep all my promises, Diary.

I mean, "what a fat dog".

I've come to realize that all good properties cost 1,000,000 upwards. And I can't convince myself to stay in the city anymore. I mean, when you choose city over nature, you're essentially investing in the people. I don't...

Yeah not a good entry. Next time.

​Actually let me come back. I got a bit sick today from eating too much salmon roe. I remember the first time eating them, the flavor just exploded in my mouth and I'm like woahhh... I was actually comparing roes you can get around here. Friedrichs is a solid brand. Who needs Keta when you have Friedrichs? Friedrichs is professional whereas the quality of Keta is not so good and it's overpriced. I ate too much roe from Keta today. They should take it off the gourmet shop. When I got it there was even dried roe powder stuck on the lid. No no.

But what I wanted to say is, the purchasing decision actually relies on two factors, one being how the market is, the other being your assigned value. For me, for example, I would never assign more than $200 to a piece of clothing, except coats and jackets. So I can never bring myself to buy stuff even from brands I like when I can afford it. That is a threshold. If I crossed that line, I would've violated my principle. Now with real estate, the pricing can vary wildly. The difference between a good number of properties between 1-2 mil is not too great, and it is shocking to me. But at the end of the day I return to the same question: what value would I assign to a property, a living place? What a place in which a human dwells should worth? And my conclusion is, for me, it cannot go beyond 1.35 mil. The reasonable housing beyond that point would likely be harder to maintain. I've thought about it long and hard. I thought about it when I had my first startup and I rejected it, and 4 years later, same conclusion. I do not think I can live with a housekeeper. I just cannot accept that I will be inviting someone into my home, when the whole point of buying a house is to have a place to my own. To be away from people.

So there is really no need to look at housing beyond 1.35 mil. I'm glad I reached this conclusion. It's still a large bracket but now very workable. And like I said, I struggled between choosing nature or a penthouse in the city, but the uncertainty of close neighbor makes it a no-brainer. I do not want to hear my neighbor having sex ever again. It's pretty simple.

I will need to find out what exactly I will miss by not living in a city. I don't think I will miss much. I have this fantasy that when you're in the city, you are its patron and you'll meet crowds of intellectuals and earn recognition. Like even before medieval times. That is pretty ridiculous. If you want to get involved in something nowadays, in the city, it's more likely regarding various independentist movements, "women's rights", LGBTQ, or mirroring protests that are going on elsewhere in the world, all of which I don't give a fuck about. They're all so tame and irrelevant and despite media coverage, not controversial. What is controversy? Not every contrarian's opinion makes the conversation controversial. I'm actually so sick of seeing trolls running the show. They always use the most basic, hideous, trashy fonts and format, and their illiterate base is growing.

Well, I didn't intend to write so much. Know that I know this isn't like the medieval times, hell, I haven't been there, even the medieval times in my head have been romanticized. I know the city life will never be ideal, not even close to what I imagined- even now I can feel it. I won't miss much, so why bother ?

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