Thursday, April 19, 2018

Cool Words

​I believe the only metric to measure success of an adult is their ability to fulfill their fantasy.

Now Diary, tell me if that makes sense.

​Obviously no, because if I think about it, what I live by, the only metric to measure anyone's success is their ability to fulfill their destiny.

But when I spoke of it, I spoke of it as a man. You know, as an ordinary human being, from a totally human perspective, and I do believe that's right. If you go to a bar (LMAO) and say that about destiny people will be like "aw I don't have one" but if you say that about fantasy people will pause, nod and smile. Why not both.

I'm sore about the time I lost in the past few days, again. It's not about Gin- no no no, that is happening, for sure. No. It's some other things. Some things I routinely do every so often. I hope I've gotten enough. I think I do. I should. So.

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